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Our contacts with our customers and suppliers goes far beyond the usual buyer/supplier relationship. We prefer a partnership approach and enjoy many long standing and mutually beneficial relationships. In this way, we become a valuable adjunct to the customers’ and suppliers’ own production facilities, developing a clear insight into their current and future needs. The development of individualized fabric solutions is our strength.

After a first contact with the customer we try to understand his needs and we evaluate if we can start a development. If possible, we prefer to sign a non-disclosure-agreement, so that both parties are pro-tected and can have an open research and development. Any new project starts as a prototype on the sample machines before being released for the modern machinery park in the warping – and weaving department.

The development of a fabric is a continuous process. Once a product is developed or the production started it is our purpose to continuously improve the performance of the product or/and to reduce the cost.